Powder Coating

Since 2012, we have been trusted to apply protective coatings to a wide variety of steel and metal products, extending their lifespans and increasing production for customers across numerous industries. Our finishes meet the customer’s exact specifications to provide protection from rust, chemical damage, abrasion, heat and more.

At ALS Industrial Services, we understand that only quality paints and coatings applied by skilled professionals will provide the long lasting protection our customers’ demand. All of our employees are trained in quality inspection and are committed to maintaining our high standards, from preparation and application to shipping and customer service. We use superior products from leading manufacturers to produce top performing finishes that last.

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If you have questions regarding our fireproofing services, please contact us online 24/7 or by phone during normal business hours.  If you are ready to get started, submit our online quote request or call 281.470.0165.